You Might Be A Buffalonian If.....
- your definition of a small town is a lake.
- snow tires come standard on all your cars.
- you think those fancy "blooming onions" at the steak house are a poor copy of
  Ted's Onion Rings.
- you know that a butter lamb is a dairy product - not found in the meat cooler.
- you truly believe that the Sabres are "gonna win that cup (someday)".
- your pickup has a bumper sticker saying "NO GOAL".
- you truly believe that the Sabres would win that cup, except for poor officiating.
- you really believe that there's an NFL/NHL officials conspiracy to keep Buffalo from winning the trophy/cup.
- you can identify an Alden accent.
- you have ever gotten frostbitten and sunburned in the same week.
- you know why SUNY Buffalo is located in Amherst.
- you're so football crazy that you have already renewed your Destroyers season tickets for next year.
- "down south" means Gowanda.
- you bake with "soda" and drink "pop".
- stop/slow/yield signs are an option, not a requirement.
- you can hold an entire conversation on the best place to go for wings.
- you see nothing wrong with watching fireworks "Downtown" on July 1st.
- you not only know what the terms "snowbelt" or "lake effect snow" mean,
  you use them on a daily basis.
- you save the Genny Cream Ale for special occasions.
- you've never seen a traffic jam like when Bingo night lets out in Fort Erie.
- you live within five miles of a bowling alley.
- you have used the term Dupa.
- not only do you know what Dyngus Day is, but you look forward to it.
- you never put your winter jacket away for the summer.
- you like to order beef on "weck" and are always surprised when someone
  doesn't know what "weck" is.
- going to the ballet does not involve ballet shoes or toe dancing, but it does require crossing "the border".
- you drive over 75 mph on the Thruway and pass on the right.
- you leave the ski lift tickets on your jacket year 'round, "just in case".
- you know how to pronounce SCAJAQUADA... or CHEEKTOWAGA... or DEPEW
- the rest of the country is snowbound in the worst blizzard of the century,
  but you still have to walk your kids to the corner to catch the school bus.
- you think nothing of crossing an international border for Chinese food.
- the acid rain is clearer than your drinking water.
- when you stop someone to ask for directions, you expect to get them.
- you keep the snowplow on the front of the truck all year round.
- you give directions by saying "turn left or right", instead of "head north"
  or "go east".
- you have a favorite Greek restaurant.
- you know that Canada is west of here, not north.
- you shovel your car out in November, but the ski resorts have to
  make snow in January.
- when someone says they're from "the city" you ask them which one.
- you think Jimmy Griffin is a real politician.
- you can't find anyplace to buy milk at midnight, but the bars are open till 4 am.
- you can compute a wind chill factor.
- you can go to Allentown or Kaisertown but you can't go Uptown.
- you don't have to attend the Friendship Festival to hear it.
- you eat orange chocolate and/or sponge candy.
- you know the difference between imported and real Canadian beer.
- you think of football, not mail, when you hear the word "bills".
- there is no East Seneca, West Aurora or South Tonawanda.
- you have not been on the Maid of the Mist -unless you had out of town company.
- when in another city, you threaten the chef with false advertising after trying
  something called Buffalo Wings on the menu.
- you immediately change the channel when you hear "Hi! This is Goldie Gardner."
- the winter carnival gets rained out.
- you call them Pilot Field and RICH and the Aud, no matter what the signs say.
- you know how to spell "SCAJAQUADA" from memory.
- you use the term "party store" to describe a place where you buy
  beer, liquor and snacks.
- you have as many Canadian coins in your pocket as US ones.
- you define Summer as three months of bad sledding.
- your child has watched Sesame Street in French.
- you refuse to eat Cocoa-Puffs 'cause you have to smell them
  on the way to work every third day.
- you don't have a coughing fit from one sip of Vernor's.
- you know what Vernor's is.
- "gridlock" means driving home from a football game.
- you know Canadian bacon isn't fried ham.
- the name Sahlen's is spoken with reverence.
- four inches of snow just means having to brush off the windshield before going to

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