About Us

Buffalojobs.com is a part of Consulting Services Inc. CSI is the parent of a small group of human resource service organizations which work with the cream of the Buffalo employers. We provide a variety of services, including, but not limited to Information Technology recruiting.

We only work with a limited group of client companies, the ones with whom we're comfortable in terms of their treatment of their people and their resources (us). In the current market, we can afford to be picky. The positions listed on our site are primarily Information Technology - because that's the industry that we work in on a regular basis. In the case(s) where one of our top shelf employers may have requirements outside of the I.T. Arena, we'll list them too. If you have questions about the market outside of our areas of activity, use our "Ask the Expert" feature. E-mail inquiries will be answered as soon as possible with an honest explanation of what's going on in your own area of expertise (strange concept - honesty from a headhunter!!!). Suitable questions, suitably disguised, may be answered publically on "The Expert Responds" page.